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You don't have to be the most "creative" person you know to be a writing star. Talent is part of the equation, but so is technique! Here are a few quick tips to immediately up your writing game: bit.ly/2ySpB7Z ... See MoreSee Less

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You've decided you're ready to embrace content marketing. You've audited your content, picked some topics and are ready to write. Now what?

Don't be the person that never gets a piece out the door because your content calendar is either non-existent or unwieldy. Start off right with our "7 Keys to a Content Calendar That Won't Let You Down!": bit.ly/2xevXsZ
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"This value-added article can be a unique, high-performance resource with state-of-the-art features and benefits based on our industry-leading knowledge and experience as a complete solutions provider."

Sound like something you'd write, but sort of hate at the same time? We've been there. Buzz words are a buzz kill. Which ones drive you crazy?
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2 weeks ago  ·  

We're in the final week of the AKHIA walking challenge, and the competition is fierce. Will the "Wanderlust Walkers" catch up to "Wake Us Up When September Ends?" What will be the fate of "Fitness Whole Pizza In My Mouth" and the "Sole Survivors?" Tune in next week to find out! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago  ·  

Congratulations to this year's AKHIA Akron Marathon Relay team (Madalyn Stoner, Bethany Cook, Jodee Juarez, Amber Christopher, Emily Nelman, Nicole Adduci and Nicole Batchelor) for finishing strong this past weekend! We're guessing you nailed your daily goal of 10,000 steps for the agency walking competition! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago  ·  

Congratulations to this month's AKHIA Values Award winners, Kelly Skowronski McGrath, Lukas Treu, Niki Forner and Erin Elizabeth! Thank you for all you've done for the agency lately. ... See MoreSee Less

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AKHIA - @akhia

A few tweaks to technique can make you a far better writer. Check out part 2 of our writing series for today's tips… https://t.co/HKAyyTiSws

10:17 AM Oct 18

AKHIA - @akhia

Alert: New teen #social app ‘Polly’ is growing quickly! Heard of it? (Polly not.): https://t.co/W1V4Lot5o9

01:40 PM Oct 16

AKHIA - @akhia

Key requests of four-generation kitchens include voice activation, cleaning robots and flexible-height work surfaces. #smartkitchen17

12:29 PM Oct 12

AKHIA - @akhia

Four-generation kitchens will be in demand as people choose to “age in place.” #smartkitchen17

12:28 PM Oct 12

AKHIA - @akhia

Paper recipes are dead. Connected kitchens, modular cooking content & digital intelligence are the new wave. -Tyler Florence #smartkitchen17

12:27 PM Oct 12

AKHIA - @akhia

We're fascinated by some of the future-facing insights we're hearing at #smartkitchen17! For instance...

12:26 PM Oct 12

AKHIA - @akhia

#SmartKitchen17 has been great so far, and we’re loving seeing our #client @firstbuild on a panel about reinventing… https://t.co/2OmCMNeS3V

12:11 PM Oct 11

AKHIA - @akhia

How can memorizing rap music & watching documentaries help you unlock your inner novelist? This week, Eric explains: https://t.co/AguULivqMU

09:31 AM Oct 11

AKHIA - @akhia

We're looking forward to @jangusich's visit to @AkronAreaPRSA on Thursday to talk #InternalCommunications! Join in: https://t.co/QmwcUL4wQH

11:22 AM Oct 10

AKHIA - @akhia

Viral. Win-win. Unique. Solutions. Epic. Funnel. Let's face it: Buzz words are a buzz kill. Which ones most drive you crazy?

10:00 AM Oct 03


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