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Once a month, we celebrate one of our favorite perks: "Smoothsday"! Our Wellness Team serves up healthy smoothies to employees, starting with a liquid, then adding vegetables, fruits, thickeners, "good" fats, flavoring and ice for a tasty, but nutricious morning snack. Looking for ideas to try yourself? Start here: bit.ly/2uD8Reh ... See MoreSee Less

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One of our preferred partners, Pritt Entertainment Group stopped by for a Tech Tuesday demo of their new RED cinema-quality movie camera today. This is the same type of camera used to film Jurassic World, recent Marvel movies and more... and we now have access to one of only a handful of these cameras in Northeast Ohio!

Thanks for stopping by, guys—we love seeing the RED in action!
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Most of us have been there. Whether we're waiting or working, before we know it, we've picked up our phones to see how many people liked that last Instagram post. It's almost an automatic response, and that's because we're psychologically conditioned to seek social rewards from our digital channels.

Later this month, AKHIA digital and content marketing specialists Jamie Gyerman and Lukas Treu will speak at the Cleveland Web Association about technology addiction, sticky content and marketing ethics. Check back for a registration link soon! In the meantime, get primed with this blog post on the topic: bit.ly/2wbGRAw.
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ICYMI: Last week we hosted a webinar on how to make your annual planning a success. Watch our presentation on demand: bit.ly/2gO2bIE ... See MoreSee Less

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A celebrity endorsement doesn't have to cost millions if they truly love and use the product. That's what we found when we heard Sheryl Crow loves our client FirstBuild's Opal Nugget Ice! ... See MoreSee Less

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Niki's and Sarah's Cart of Contentment brought a "Summer in Italy" to our Hudson, Ohio office! Thanks, ladies! ... See MoreSee Less

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Got Strategy? Creating tactical assets with no guiding strategy is no way to be. Got ten minutes? Spend them with Jamie Gyerman and Ryan Stainbrook to find out how to market more effectively. Discover a smarter approach: bit.ly/2tZutRH. ... See MoreSee Less

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AKHIA - @akhia

#BigData is everywhere--but what is it?! We had fun explaining it and why we need it! Watch: https://t.co/Turt8gx0SU.

12:10 PM Aug 15

AKHIA - @akhia

What is #bigdata? Intern @jordanbrooks_2 explains what big data is and why it's useful: https://t.co/UB9jEtUJJA

09:57 AM Aug 07

AKHIA - @akhia

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the the college lifestyle? Here are some useful takeaways to keep you on track: https://t.co/2mbiEHg8XC

12:49 PM Aug 04

AKHIA - @akhia

The average person checks their phone up to 150 times a day. Learn about #tech #addiction & #marketing #ethics.… https://t.co/2ZiVtzrsB9

11:48 AM Aug 03

AKHIA - @akhia

Sometimes a classic PR approach is best! @bgilbridehagan & @nicolebatchelor offer 4 steps to rocking any media tour: https://t.co/xPCgiWL23j

11:29 AM Aug 02

AKHIA - @akhia

Suffering from infobesity? @RyanStainbrook shares 3 steps to fight information overload: https://t.co/iF9aafvfjO.

10:14 AM Aug 02

AKHIA - @akhia

#Annualplanning is coming up! Are you prepared? Watch our presentation on demand: https://t.co/6867QDo85B https://t.co/PEnSkFXqci

11:02 AM Jul 28

AKHIA - @akhia

When a product is the right fit, an endorsement doesn't have to cost millions. @SherylCrow loves @firstbuildhttps://t.co/viVH1DqDU1

07:00 AM Jul 28

AKHIA - @akhia

Are you creating tactical #marketing assets without a guiding strategy? Learn to do better in this week's #podcast:… https://t.co/ggHTRDNGnP

12:02 PM Jul 26

AKHIA - @akhia

Feeling stressed heading into annual planning? Don’t fret, the A-Team has tips to make #annualplanning a breeze: https://t.co/o1oFf2CPlf.

11:04 AM Jul 25


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