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AKHIA - @akhia

At AKHIA, we get confused with IKEA a lot. We may not make furniture, but we like to think we have one thing in com… https://t.co/vkjKMInVMg

11:29 AM Dec 08

AKHIA - @akhia

Remember SEO? As marketers and clients are attracted to other "shiny objects" and hot trends, let's not forget that… https://t.co/R4r1SaV91f

07:49 AM Dec 08

AKHIA - @akhia

Are you neglecting your most important audience? You just might be if you're not making internal communications a t… https://t.co/I95IDLTt8O

07:27 AM Dec 07

AKHIA - @akhia

Millions are spent on logo redesigns, but do consumers actually like them? See where the pros and amateurs agree &… https://t.co/jAeq8quGDv

11:33 AM Dec 06

AKHIA - @akhia

"Did we just become best friends?" That's the question we're hoping to hear #marketing and #sales professionals ask… https://t.co/AQzzXkiPaZ

07:38 AM Dec 06

AKHIA - @akhia

Being a strong designer is partially about showcasing #creative capabilities, but it also requires "soft skills" li… https://t.co/2TksUe0Hpw

11:28 AM Dec 05

AKHIA - @akhia

Continuing our trend of "one big thing to watch in 2018" posts this week, today we hear from @Jodee_Hammond on why… https://t.co/DT3DeCycDv

07:45 AM Dec 05

AKHIA - @akhia

Every day this week, @BenBrugler is sharing "one big thing" that the #marketing and #PR specialists at AKHIA will b… https://t.co/GhcQH7pAbA

12:30 PM Dec 04

AKHIA - @akhia

Secret Santa is underway at @AKHIA, and we're excited to see what hiding spots people will find in the newly renova… https://t.co/YT2USkWYjW

11:30 AM Dec 04

AKHIA - @akhia

Every year, AKHIA conducts Agency Service Index (ASI) surveys to find out what's going well and what could be impro… https://t.co/FAJThDzYeu

10:07 AM Dec 04


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