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Think About It Podcast, Episode 7 - Social Media Strategy

On this edition of think about it, akhia communication's podcast about all things marketing, Ryan Stainbrook and Jamie Gyerman talk about the reasons why--or why not--for brands to be on social media. Questions or comments? Reach out to  Jamie and Ryan   to continue th...

Think About It Podcast, Episode 5 - Social Media Graveyard

This week, Jamie and Ryan visit the graveyard of past social media platforms and discuss what worked, what didn't and these particular platforms just didn't make it.   Questions or comments? Reach out to  Jamie and Ryan   to continue the conversation! akhia communic...

Facebook Live: Quick Steps to Make Smarter Live Content.

Gone Facebook Live yet? Here are 10 tips to make the most out of your next event. Have a purpose. Do you have a big event or product launch that you want to do something different for? Do you have a PR crisis you are trying to respond to? Do you want to connect to your cu...

Compare Now. Do Your Digital Stats Stack Up?

Are your digital tactics on target? It’s never too early to optimize your efforts—or too late to get started.  Let’s talk!

Fight Infobesity! A Data Diet Plan

Call it infobesity. Call it infoxication. Or just call it information overload. Whatever you coin it,  too much data  is an epidemic that’s afflicting communicators everywhere. In fact, in KPMG’s  2016 Global CEO Outlook , 84 percent of CEOs indicated their concern about the...