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Nick Pfahler

Nick Pfahler is Creative Director at akhia communications and a member of the agency’s Executive Team. He’s an integral part in elevating the Creative team, process and values at akhia as well as overseeing the creative output and encouraging overachievement in all creative that leaves the agency. While under his direction, akhia has evolved to a full-service Creative department capable of print, digital and video work.
With a focus on marketing communications, Nick has over 15 years of experience in ideation, development and creation of campaigns of all sizes and budgets. Prior to being appointed Creative Director, Nick was an Art Director and Associate Creative Director. This experience allowed him to fine-tune his creative skills, hone his leadership abilities and cultivate an extensive creative portfolio for both national and international B2B and B2C clients.
Motivated by strategy and a believer of smart work done creatively, Nick leads his team with great stories, strong advice and a we-not-me mentality that benefits our people, our clients and our culture.