Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are in a people business.

Not some people.

All people.

We have always been an organization that is the sum of its parts. We are in a constant pursuit of diverse talents, paths, experiences, backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures, so our sum is continually made up of and represents different parts. Different people.

All people.

Our diversity value—"Keep being different”—celebrates this thinking. This value is how we hold ourselves accountable to our diversity efforts. Failing to be different in all ways limits our thinking, our creativity, our growth and our humanity.

To “Keep being different” we have to adhere to three key elements:

Workforce equity
We are a work-from-anywhere workforce, recruiting, celebrating and employing people who know they are part of our ecosystem. Our goal is to ensure equitable outcomes to all employees throughout their time at akhia communications.

Workplace belonging
To be different and ensure that’s reflected in who we are, employees need to feel like they belong. And should not feel like they need to code switch in any interaction—internally or externally.

We believe in mass progress from individual efforts. From conversations to education, awareness to involvement, we are committed to our employees’ communities and causes.

These efforts are infinite. Staying committed to this path ensures we will never be as good today as we can be tomorrow. We are doing this together, supporting and learning from each other with a shared commitment to improve our whole through diverse thinking and individuals. In doing this we ask every akhia employee to:

Keep being seen
Keep being heard
Keep being you

In other words, “Keep being different.”