Communications Drive Business, Part 1 - Communications Drive ... Life.

Picture it: a daughter says to her dad, “On your way home, can you pick up poster board, some glue and magic markers?”
Later that evening when he presented two white poster boards, super glue and washable markers to his daughter, she said with some frustration, “Thanks, but we really needed three blue poster boards, wood glue and permanent markers for my project.” With a sigh and some frustrations of his own, he proceeded back to the store.
In this scenario, if the daughter had presented more detail or if her dad had asked the right questions, they could have saved valuable time and money—not to mention the inevitable frustration.
We’ve all been there in our daily lives at home, at work or basically anywhere we go: When communication breaks down, everything else crumbles with it.
Just as in this scenario, poor communication in business also leads to wasted time, wasted money and a lot of frustration. Whether you realize it or not, it could be the one thing that stands in the way of achieving your business goals.
Today, tearing down silos and building a business foundation based on effective communication are essential for businesses to thrive. When communication is strong across the board, all functions in your organization will operate more efficiently, your customers will have better experiences and you’ll be better equipped to grow and evolve your business.
After all, the basis of great personal relationships, customer experiences, employee engagement—and basically most things in life—is communication.
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