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Chasing Tactics to Find a Strategy

Videos, infographics, sell sheets, emails, ads, social posts, whitepapers, microsites, mobile apps… You get the point. There are infinite ways to get your message to your audience. Which brings me to my favorite question— why? Be honest! How many times has your team jumped...

How to Stay on Your Procurement Department's Good Side

Ever made this call to your agency? “I’d like you to bill me for this now, but we won’t start work for two months, so hang tight!” And they say: “Sure! Not a problem!” Truth is, we already know what you’re asking: There’s a pile of marketing dollars that has gone unus...

How to Ace Your Annual Planning Meeting

Ah, annual planning. Everyone’s, uh, favorite time of year? Right. We know it can be a drag. But your company’s—or your department’s or your business unit’s—annual meetup is important and should set the tone for the months ahead. Don’t let the worst happen, where you waste ...