We are all "community pillars"

Community Pillars: At-a-glance

  • Founded in 2022 to turn akhia’s philosophy of giving back into a tangible program.
  • A mandatory two paid days of volunteer time off (VTO) for employees to spend volunteering at organizations of their choice.
  • Four key areas of agency giving: communities in need (food banks, shelters), youth programs, diversity programs, at-risk/vulnerable groups.

A message/note from akhia CEO and President Ben Brugler:

“Do the right thing.”

It’s an easy line to throw out there. Prop up ideals. Hide behind.

For me – and for akhia – it means so much more. It’s truly been the underlying theme of how akhia treats people since the day we opened our doors.

Before our mission … our vision … any values … our differentiator or purpose, this is what our founder, Jan Gusich, said to anyone who asked how she would run her business. I think she had this in mind before she had a business plan.

She just wanted to do the right thing. For people. For companies. For clients. In our communities.

As I heard this, watched this and lived this … an extraordinary thing happened: We did what we said we were going to do. For 26 years and counting this has been a mantra we’ve easily come back to when making tough decisions. Used as a touchstone for moving forward. And an inspiration for how we serve others.


A service mindset is the driver for our community pillars program. We attempt to do the right thing by serving our communities, specifically the people and the organizations within them that are doing so much good for others.

When you join akhia you are joining more than a company. You’re joining a group of individuals who share a belief that their purpose is to bring value to all their audiences. Be the most valuable resource to their clients. Bring value to all relationships.

And create value within our communities.

Just like Jan demonstrated to us, it’s not enough to say something. You must do something. So, when you join akhia you are expected to participate in our volunteer time off (VTO) program, where the company gives you two paid days to spend volunteering at any community organization.

And in typical akhia fashion, our team finds some inspiring ways to give back. From lending their voice to audio programs that benefit the vision-impaired to putting their editing skills to use as they transcribe historical documents. Families, people, kids, students, animals, parks, waterways, shut-ins – these are just a few ways our employees are impacting their communities.

Beyond our VTO program, akhia also has committed to financial support in four primary areas: communities in need (food banks, shelters), youth programs, diversity programs, at-risk/vulnerable groups.

Search our website and social channels: The subject you’ll find the least information about may be the one we are most proud of – how our employees serve and support their communities. It’s our privilege to not only support this but encourage it. Encourage their passion, their beliefs and their creativity in being "community pillars."


For more information

If you want to learn more as you consider joining akhia, please reach out to careers@akhia.com. If you would like to talk with akhia to see if there are ways we can support your organization, contact ben.brugler@akhia.com.