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A full range of integrated services designed to generate results.

After decades of working almost exclusively with manufacturing companies, we’ve seen a lot. And learned a lot. Like what audiences need, where the pain points are and how to address them. Put our experience to work for your brand.

Auditing and insights

What unique space does your brand fill in the market? What does your audience need from you? Before we take action, we answer these questions and more with audience, brand, competitor, content and channel insights.

Auditing and Insights Canva

Strategic planning

Manufacturers often have complex supply chains, long buy cycles and niche audiences. And we get it all. We cut through the clutter with ease to deliver strategic communications plans that work for you.

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Content strategy

No surface-level stuff from us. We speak manufacturing and love talking to engineers. Our team digs deep to create clear, visual and impactful content—all delivered on the channels your audiences visit the most.

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Media and influencer relations

Niche media, influencer management, no problem. Experience the PR power of our well-established relationships with B2B and B2C media. Relationships matter in public relations—and ours are robust.

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Channel management

Don’t try to be everywhere at once. Focus on the communication channels that count. Through audience insights, channel knowledge and topic research, we find the right mix and cadence to make meaningful connections.


Brand storytelling

Telling a compelling brand story is one part science, one part creativity and one part consistency. Just like the principles of manufacturing, we bring your brand to life in innovative, impactful and repeatable ways.

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Corporate communications

Empowered, informed and engaged employees are what make companies tick. That’s where we come in. We build strong brands from the inside out with internal communications strategies to recruit, retain and inspire.


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