Working the Akhia Way.

Hey, it’s no secret. We are set in our ways—but in a good way. Celebrating our differences makes us stronger. Working from anywhere makes us happier and more productive. And donating our time makes us better community members.



We are in a people business. Not some people. All people.

Our diversity value—"Keep being different”—celebrates this thinking. Failing to be different in all ways limits our thinking, our creativity, our growth and our humanity. To “Keep being different” we have to adhere to three key elements:

Workforce equity

We are a work-from-anywhere workforce, recruiting, celebrating and employing people who know they are part of our ecosystem. Our goal is to ensure equitable outcomes to all employees throughout their time at Akhia.

Workplace belonging

To be different and ensure that’s reflected in who we are, employees need to feel like they belong. And should not feel like they need to code-switch in any interaction—internally or externally.


We believe in mass progress from individual efforts. From conversations to education, awareness to involvement, we are committed to our employees’ communities and causes.


Work From Anywhere

100% remote and 100% connected.

Pre-pandemic, Akhia’s offices were a hub of energy and activity. Client meetings, associations, professional development groups, social gatherings—they were all held in our offices. 

Like most companies, working remotely quickly taught us a few things, mainly that we didn’t skip a beat. After experimenting and evaluating whether we could become a 100%-remote agency, we settled on establishing the office in Hudson, Ohio, as a “there if you need it” location. But in committing to a work-from-anywhere model, our true “home” base … became our homes.

We still get together in person with clients when possible, and always will. Nothing beats the personal touch that can only come from being face-to-face. But work from anywhere puts us in a unique position—we can recruit from anywhere, we can serve from anywhere, we can solve from anywhere, and we can connect from anywhere.


Community Pillars

Giving back on our time.

“Do the right thing.” It has been the underlying theme of how we treat people since we opened our doors. We believe it’s not enough to say something. You must do something.

When you join Akhia you are expected to participate in our volunteer time off (VTO) program, where the company gives you two paid days to spend volunteering at any community organization.

Our team finds some inspiring ways to give back. From lending their voice to audio programs that benefit the vision-impaired to putting their editing skills to use as they transcribe historical documents. Families, people, kids, students, animals, parks, waterways, shut-ins – these are just a few ways our employees are impacting their communities.

Beyond our VTO program, Akhia also has committed to financial support in four primary areas: communities in need (food banks, shelters), youth programs, diversity programs, at-risk/vulnerable groups.

Giving back, it’s the Akhia Way.