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Maia Gryskiewicz
Job description:
I work closely with my clients to determine how communications can help them achieve their business goals, and then bring the talents of the akhia teams to fruition to produce results. I also provide media relations expertise and facilitate outreach that wins placements in top-tier media that amplifies my client’s brands, products, and mission

What do you like best about your job?
Every client win fuels me and motivates me to work towards the next achievement. What I love about client service and working as a partner with my clients means I can share that success with them. The most rewarding part is watching my clients realize their value.

My childhood dog Sophie—who is still kickin’ it at 15 years old! She is an Eskipoo (Eskimo + Poodle) who has defied all signs of aging with her puppy dog face. A walk down the street with her will garner responses such as “look at that puppy!” from passerby, despite her being 105 in human years.