Work From Anywhere

The akhia ecosystem: A note from the CEO on working from anywhere

Pre-pandemic, akhia’s offices were a hub of energy and activity. Client meetings, associations, professional development groups, social gatherings—they were all held in our offices. We were happy to host and, right before lockdown kicked in, even remodeled a portion of our office specifically for clients to use as their own think tank, social hangout … whatever they needed. We had sales meetings on the books; wine tastings and client parties were penciled in and even a few akhia culture events were starting to be tossed around. Great timing, eh?

Why mention this? Well, mainly for context. Especially if you didn’t know us “back then.” We were very much an “in-person” agency. We loved seeing each other, having fun—and creating ways for our clients to have fun. So what happened in March 2020 was as much a culture shock for us as anyone.

Like most companies, working remotely quickly taught us a few things, mainly that we didn’t skip a beat. After experimenting and evaluating whether we could become a 100%-remote agency, we settled on establishing the office as a “there if you need it” location. This way we could still hold client meetings, team collaborations and events, as needed … if needed. But in committing to a work-from-anywhere model, our true “home” base … became our homes.

We will continue to improve and evolve as we discover new and better ways to work in this ecosystem. Which is the exciting part. The pandemic unlocked thinking and actions that we never thought possible. So when people ask us what we’re doing or what we think, we can speak from experience and with conviction. Because, you know, you should never trust a chef who won’t eat their own food.

Work from anywhere puts us in a unique position—we can recruit from anywhere, we can serve from anywhere, we can solve from anywhere, and we can connect from anywhere. Regardless of what brings you here, I hope you sense the genuine nature in which I share this.

And I hope you experience it for yourself.

FAQs on the status of our office space

Is your office closed?
No. Our office never did close beyond the initial 10-week “lockdown” period in early 2020 (March-May).

Do people have meetings “in the office”?
If the teams or our clients would like to do so, our office is always available to them for their own use as well as meetings with our team. We follow CDC guidelines and have virtual options, eliminating “mandatory” office meetings.

Do people go into the office to work?
If they want. I honestly can’t tell you as we don’t track it. Everyone has the code to get in and is free to come and go as they please.

How do people attend in-person agency events?
Virtually or in person—the choice is up to them. For larger celebrations we make hotel accommodations for them to ensure equality, inclusion and safety.

Has this hurt your culture?
No, not at all. In some ways it has improved it as cultural and personal connections are more genuine than ever. We consider the whole ecosystem for every culture event and have transferred cultural rituals to be accessible regardless of location.

Will you be going back to the office anytime soon?
No. We will always be engaged with employees and clients to ensure we’re doing right by all of them—every individual—so we can continue to honor our culture of “Keep being different.” We will apply what we learn to continually improve and manage this ecosystem as it exists today.