corporate communications

Protect and elevate your brand

Your organization has invested years building its reputation – and we put communications to work to protect that investment.

As planners, storytellers and drivers for your business, akhia communications can help you through a crisis, prepare for the unexpected, communicate change – large or small – and keep your employees engaged day-to-day with the vision, mission and values of your organization for a more engaged workforce.

Crisis Communications & Preparedness

Crisis is any situation that threatens the integrity of your reputation. Should the unthinkable happen, preparedness allows you to not only act quickly, but act appropriately. We specialize in creating actionable Crisis Communications plans, including employee media and social media policies, rapid response documentation, messaging development and executive media training.

If you are already in a crisis situation, we mobilize quickly to consult and execute the appropriate measures to protect your brand. Contact us.

Change Management

Most people don’t like change. But change can be easier for employees and other stakeholders when it is clearly communicated. We’re experienced in change management communications, helping organizations navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions, IT implementations, leadership changes, restructures and reorganizations, union contract negotiations and more.

Internal Communications

There’s no group more important to protecting your brand and your culture than your employees. Engaged employees are more productive, more likely to refer prospective employees and more likely to project your values to customers, shareholders and the community.

At akhia, we apply many of the same principles as PR, content marketing and branding to help you engage with employees and keep them working harder for you.