brand equity development

Branding: Constructing a cohesive look for Lubrizol sub-brands

When Lubrizol’s Building & Construction needed sub-branding expertise, they looked to akhia communications for help. We collaborated to build upon their corporate brand equity and establish a consistent voice and look for their chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resin product.

The Quick Take

  1. in-depth discovery sessions
  2. business immersion
  3. technical and creative content
  4. consistent brand image and promise

Tracking Our Results

akhia brought the Lubrizol CPVC story to life through a brand presence that clearly defined the company as the thinkers and creators behind the advanced materials that allow for the product’s strong performance.

6 different

departments provided insight

3 months

from start to brand relaunch

What Drove Our Success

tailored messaging

We built our holistic platform around the message of “MORE INSIDE,” showcasing the value of invisible, yet powerful, technology inside the resin.

relentless research

Our process was designed to maximize information gathering and sharing, resulting in messaging well-aligned with Lubrizol’s value proposition.

rapid development

We assembled a team of dedicated individuals to work through a large volume of collateral and messaging updates in a short period of time.