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Celebrating 125 years with Akron Children’s Hospital

When Akron Children’s Hospital sought to turn its 125th anniversary into a year-long celebration that engaged and excited employees, volunteers and the community, they turned to akhia communications for impactful ideas.

The Quick Take

  1. Brainstormed and Gathered Information
  2. Created Collector’s Book
  3. Coordinated Flower Sculpture and Video Creation
  4. Planned and Managed Events

Tracking Our Results

We worked closely with Akron Children’s Hospital to deploy deliverables that represented the healthcare system’s legacy of positively impacting the community.


Flower sculptures installed


Events executed

What Drove Our Success

Event Expertise

We tapped into rich expertise in coordinating events to ensure a memorable, smooth and tailored experience was delivered for VIPs, employees and community members.

Superior Storytelling

We used the ABCs to tell the hospital’s 125-year story, tying illustrated letters to concepts that represented its impact on the community.

Influencer Engagement

We coordinated flower sculpture deployment with local artists and selfie-style video messages with celebrities to build outside support for this milestone.