content strategy

Content Marketing: Painting a purposeful content strategy for PPG

While the PPG Automotive Refinish business has long been known for the strong performance and color capabilities of its products, they were finding it challenging to effectively communicate with customers in a quickly shifting digital marketing space. They turned to akhia communications for help setting a content strategy firmly rooted in well-understood audience personas and developing a tailored approach for reaching them.

The Quick Take

  1. In-Depth Interviews
  2. Mission and Objective Identification
  3. Audience Personas
  4. KPIs and Process Structure
  5. Content Audit and Calendar

Tracking Our Results

We helped PPG Automotive Refinish get on the same page regarding their content marketing mission, audience needs and framework for successful ongoing communication with customers.


Key audience personas developed


Campaign topics identified

What Drove Our Success

Comprehensive Input

Stakeholders from numerous product lines and teams were consulted to gain a holistic view of what audience members want and how to reach them.

Balanced Approach

We aligned paid, earned, shared and owned content delivery methods to ensure content initiatives would be supported across several channels.

Detailed Documentation

We made sure that the PPG team emerged from the process with clear documentation to guide their endeavors, from illustrated procedures to personas to calendar templates.