lead generation

Digital: Establishing next level lead generation for Tech Elevator

After previous attempts to increase qualified leads for its 14-week coding boot camp on its own, Tech Elevator turned to akhia communications for assistance. They needed a cost-effective way to drive people to the program, so we developed a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign through the Google AdWords platform across four key markets.

The Quick Take

  1. developed keyword and bid strategies
  2. created targeted ads and landing pages
  3. launched SEM campaign
  4. fine-tuned campaign in real time
  5. increased leads

Tracking Our Results

The targeted campaign reached the right audiences and provided a high ROI for the client.


total campaign ROI

59 percent

drop in cost per MQL

What Drove Our Success

audience appreciation

We understood the target markets and the messaging required to get them to act.

AdWords expertise

Our understanding of the digital platform enabled us to set up a campaign that was flexible and easy to manage.

continuous refinement

Ongoing measurement and analysis of campaign performance allowed us to make incremental changes to keyword and bid strategies for optimal results.