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Integrated Campaign: Helping Quanex transform an industry

As Quanex’s window and door OEM customers face new industry challenges brought on by an increased demand for energy-efficient products, skilled labor shortages and aging equipment, akhia communications conceptualized a messaging platform—Plant Transformation—for all communication efforts, highlighting Quanex’s unique qualifications. This platform, in turn, supports these companies, helping them take the leap into becoming plants of the future through automation.

The Quick Take

  1. Platform and Positioning 
  2. In-Depth Interviews
  3. Superior Industry Knowledge 
  4. New Creative Approach

Tracking Our Results

Quanex coined the term Plant Transformation, which is now being used industrywide. Meanwhile, the sales team sees it as the single most important message for them in the marketplace.


Trade articles published


Media impressions

What Drove Our Success

Unique Creativity

By focusing on customer pain points and putting a new spin on existing services, we helped Quanex create a point of differentiation.

Smart Collaboration

We have SMEs on speed dial and are empowered to work directly with them to drive initiatives.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We’re not just bystanders, we’re entrenched in all parts of the industry, from economic drivers to government advocacy, so that we can bring fresh ideas to the table.