trade show

pushing the city limits to get a mammoth reaction.

SOPREMA® wanted to integrate its new “mammoth” marketing campaign—which featured a giant mammoth’s shadow cast over a city—into their booth while showcasing the products that allowed the company to offer a “full building envelope” of roof, waterproofing and wall protection. akhia communications created a city—SOPREMA City—from the ground up for their upcoming trade shows, displaying block after block the ways SOPREMA protects buildings all the way around. Plus it aligned visually to a VR demonstration SOPREMA unveiled in the booth, giving visitors a virtual and actual look at their innovation.

The Quick Take

  1. collected and disseminated info
  2. designed a city layout
  3. aligned to marketing campaign
  4. worked with production house to build
  5. executed at shows

Tracking Our Results

building a city worth visiting

4 months

from concept to show

11 media

appointments scheduled 

What Drove Our Success

strategic alignment

Our larger-than-life cityscape brought the mammoth, the full-building envelope story, and various product displays and messaging into one eye-popping place.

constant check-ins

Every week, akhia shared updated versions of the city with SOPREMA, so smaller tweaks to the visuals and content were made in progress, saving time and money throughout.

memorable execution

SOPREMA City stood out, creating a more immersive, more memorable experience that attendees got to explore rather than just see, and which encouraged them to spend more time in the booth.