trade show

shining a light on a successful trade launch

To introduce a popular Hungarian brand of automotive lights and gain a foothold in the U.S. and Canada, Tungsram reached out to akhia communications for strategic guidance. The assignment? Position Tungrsam as a trusted leader in the automotive lighting space by focusing on product quality, warranty backing and innovation.
As part of our efforts to engage the media, distributors and end-users all in one place, akhia recommended culminating the brand’s efforts at the 2019 AAPEX trade show in Las Vegas with the theme “New Day. New Light.”

The Quick Take

  1. conducted content marketing
  2. developed collateral and sizzle reel
  3. created digital advertising
  4. designed trade show booth
  5. executed media relations

Tracking Our Results


digial impressions


media impressions

What Drove Our Success

on-brand booth design

our visual communications team designed the structure/layout of the booth to tell a complete story while enabling attendees freedom to explore.

content expertise

our content team quickly drafted new content to address three North American audiences: OEM, heavy duty and aftermarket.

media relations mastery

the grand finale of akhia’s partnership with Tungsram was a robust media relations plan deployed at the 2019 AAPEX show—and after.