AI round-up: week of August 21st

"The rule for exponential curves is that they changed the world slowly at first, and then suddenly.”

-Erik Brynjolfsson, Stanford University innovation economist

The above quote is from the biggest read of the week:

August 14, 2023, from Business Insider: AI is going to eliminate way more jobs than anyone realizes

…on the flip side…

August 23, 2023, from Search Engine Land: No, AI won’t change your marketing job. A contrarian view

(What say you?)


August 23, 2023, from Tech Crunch: Meta releases an AI model that can transcribe and translate close to 100 languages

→C3-PO isn’t impressed. Everyone else is.

August 18, 2023, from Reuters: Big advertisers shift to AI

The ‘say what, now?’ story of the week:

AI and creative: When one ad is more than one ad

→If you’re an actor, is this your future?

August 18, 2023, from The Hollywood Reporter: AI-created art isn’t copyrightable

August 16, 2023 from the McKinsey blog: Meet Lilli, McKinsey’s new generative AI tool that’s a researcher, a time saver and an inspiration.


August 22, 2023, from Yahoo! Finance: IBM CEO who paused the hiring of 7800 jobs due to AI says the world needs the technology.

August 16, 2023, from Venture Beat: Gartner Hype Cycle places AI on the ‘peak of inflated expectations’


The Dark Side of AI: Ensuring Ethical AI Practices in Public Relations

Course alert: Metacademy—Generative AI (free)

From Shelly Palmer

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