AI round-up: week of August 28th

Creativity can’t happen without sentience, and there are now arguments that some AIs are indeed sentient. If that is true now or in the future, then creativity might be possible. I view this possibility with a certain dreadful fascination. Would I forbid the teaching (if that is the word) of my stories to computers? Not even if I could.

-Stephen King

You’ve heard that Stephen King’s books were used to train AI. Now hear from King himself on that subject. (subscription required.)

August 23 from The Atlantic: My books were used to train AI.


August 30 from Fox News: The SEC has started regulating the first ever non-human financial advisor.

August 30 from CNN: Rising labor costs (and potential massive job loss) are making AI stocks more attractive

August 30 from Axios: Walmart is giving its 50,000 non-store employees access

August 30 from TechCrunch: Google Duet can now write your emails

→This can’t be free, right?

August 29 from CNBC: Google is going to charge $30 a month for enterprise use of its AI tool in Gmail and other office apps


August 28 from Tech Crunch: DoorDash launches AI-powered voice ordering technology for restaurants

August 28 from The New York Times: The U.S. Air Force has launched an experimental aircraft, piloted by AI (subscription required)

The ‘say what, now?’ story of the week:

August 30 from NPR: U.S. Employers are using AI to essentially reduce workers to numbers in the workplace.

A 6-minute must listen with Ifeoma Ajunwa, author of The Quantified Worker. She explains her term ‘Mechanical Manager’- we may need to understand what we will all become.


August 30 from The Motely Fool: Two AI companies to invest in right now.

August 29 from Forbes: How we can protect against deceptive AI political ads

→As they say, I’m just going to set this here…

August 28 from Shelly Palmer: Talking to data—the real power of generative AI

August 28 from PEW Research: Most Americans haven’t used ChatGPT. Few think it will impact them.

→Congrats. By simply reading this blog, you’re ahead.


August 25 from HBR: How to reskill your workforce in the age of AI

August 28 from CNET: AI glossary – basic terms you should know

You will want to bookmark these:

From the U.S. Copyright Office: Copyright and AI resource center.

From Nieman Lab: AP and AI. Positioning and AP Stylebook updates.