AI round-up: Week of Jan. 29, 2024

“Deepfakes are all fun and games until a synthetic Taylor Swift starts promising free cookware on TikTok – then it requires Federal legislation.”
-Shelly Palmer

We’ve quoted Shelly for the second straight week. It must be important. See our first story.

This week’s issue: 8 stories
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How long to read: 15 minutes

1.    Taylor Swift!! Did I get your attention? She is NOT promoting Le Creuset. But a lot of Swifties thought she was, “ordering” cookware that will never arrive. And now we have bad blood.
2.    Must read: What happens when AI lies about you? This is what I have been talking about for the past six months … you Google yourself … but do you ask the LLM of your choice about you? Or your company? What if it’s not right? The window to lock down your messaging strategy is closing, quickly.
3.    Will Alexa be jealous? Amazon has introduced Rufus, its AI shopping assistant.
4.    59 Seconds. Want to see what can be done with AI tools in under a minute? You may think you do … but do you?
5.    Google has (finally) rolled out its image generator.
6.    Updated LLM leaderboard (Source: Arena)

LLM leaderboard via Arena

7.    Publicis Groupe invests heavily in AI (300 million Euros)

8.    When to buy AI licenses for your whole team:

This is from a Paul Roetzer (Marketing AI Institute) tweet.

Do not buy licenses for your entire company/team until you have:

1) Generative AI policies that guide usage.

2) An AI education program that teaches them how AI works and provides thorough onboarding of the tech.

3) Someone to own the rollout, training and oversight of the program (likely an AI ops role).

I suggest starting with a pilot program that includes a small number of early users who can prove out the use cases and value before the wider rollout.

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