AI round-up: Week of July 1, 2024

It’s a day before the Fourth of July, so we might as well start off today with some fireworks!

The Big 5

1.    Google says AI could break reality.
I’m sorry. What was that again?

In a paper that is long, and I don’t know if I’m going to try to understand, Google is expressing some concern about the long-term impacts of AI.

You can read the (29-page) Google paper here.
You can read the 404 recap and thoughts on the paper here.

You can see my response here:

this is fine meme

KC Green

2.    The EU is opening up an anti-trust investigation into the Microsoft and OpenAI partnership.
But…why? (source: Financial Times)

3.    Google’s greenhouse gas emissions jumped nearly 50% in the last three years.
What’s the one thing that has changed in that time frame? (source: PCMag)

4.    Copyright law just got a lot easier: your content is ‘freeware.’
According to Microsoft AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman. I found this to be a little out of character for him at first. Having read his book, “The Coming Wave,” I didn’t expect to hear that from him. But when I dug deeper, he made good points that cannot easily be answered.

So while those many grey areas are sorted out, should he and his company sit on the sidelines while everyone else feeds at the Internet trough?

This, folks, is the very definition of personal ethics. And why it’s important that you and your company define where you stand on this ahead of time. (source: Windows Central)

Don’t agree? Ok, well, what about your kid's content?

AI trains on kids' photos even when parents use strict privacy settings.
Their YouTube videos? Still think this isn’t an ethical question? (source: ars Technica)

5.    Text to 3D Images in under 30 seconds.
Imagine what this could do to product demos, engineering design and, most importantly, video games. (source: digital trends)

Learn a little

If you missed it, The Marketing AI Institute spun off a new company directed at the executive who wants to learn more about how AI can truly transform their organization:

SmarterX is an AI research and consulting firm.

Did you hear about…

…YouTube making it possible for you to remove any AI content that looks or sounds like you? (source: Neowin)

…the music industry suing Suno and Udio for copyright infringement? Wait, I thought anything on the Internet was freeware? (source: Shelly Palmer)

…Apple Intelligence considering a paid tier? (source: Mashable)

…Instagram letting some creators make an AI version of themselves? (source: The Verge)

…AI companies accounting for half of the $56B poured into start-ups in Q2? (source: The New York Times)

…Apple might get an OpenAI board observer role as part of AI pact? (source: Reuters)

Must read/must discuss:

Nothing today since it’s late in the day, and tomorrow is a holiday!

Reminder: We will return on July 22. I’m sure nothing will happen until then.

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