AI round-up: week of July 24

“We don’t love AI. We’re just excited about some of the opportunities AI has given us.”
-Cathy McPhillips, Marketing AI Institute

So…what are some of those opportunities? Check back weekly to see what’s what around the world of AI. (Or maybe come back and see how close we were in predicting AI trends…)


MAICON Day One is complete. Here are five takeaways from the day, brought to you by Dillan Kanya:

  1. AI WILL impact every knowledge worker within the next one to two years.
  2. If you aren't testing with the foundational Large Language Models (LLMs for short) like ChatGPT, Claude 2, LLama, you need to be.
  3. Generative AI is a tool, and those who know how to best use it will be the ones that progress the furthest.
  4. AI will enable the workforce to delegate the tedious, mundane work to it, allowing for more creativity and ideation.
  5. AI is transformational as a technology, but it is up to us to figure out how to make it transformational to business.


MAICON Day Two is finished and the conference has come to a close. Here are four takeaways from the day, brought to you by Dillan Kanya:

  1. Create an AI council if you haven't. There are employees and partners that are excited and experimenting with AI already.
  2. AI is both a tool and a raw material. We have a responsibility to treat it as such.
  3. We need to be cognizant of how the generative AI tools that we use collect their data. Do they have biases and protections already installed?
  4. We hold the key to keeping fears we have with AI away by the ethics we hold, not regulations.


Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and startup form body to regulate AI development
(The Guardian)

Hmmmm…self-regulation. Let’s hope this isn’t just a move to check a box.

Netflix lists a $900k AI job amid SAG-AFTRA strike


I hear using AI can get you sued, Netflix! (see below)


July 20, 2023: How AI May Change the Way We Supply and Consume Energy

(WSJ – subscription needed)

July 24, 2023: Using AI can get your company sued

(Let’s get real* – a blog)

What are you trying to say….? (Note: this blog is so good I almost put it in resources)

*I’d highly recommend subscribing to this one.


As of this posting, this report has only been out 14 hours…so I haven’t had a chance to go through it fully yet…but wanted to pass along:

Generative AI and the future of work in America

(McKinsey Global Institute)