AI round-up: Week of June 10, 2024

We aren’t going to even waste any time today … *the big news of course is AI. Not artificial intelligence. Apple intelligence.

It leads off our big 5.

*there are those damn ellipsis again … Gen X!

The Big 5

1.    Festivus for the rest of us! No, wait … AI for the rest of us!
Apple says it's made ‘AI for the rest of us,’ and according to this digitaltrends article, they’re right.

But what about Siri? Don’t worry; she’s getting an update, too.

2.    Kill switch? Let’s not get carried away.
Did you happen to see all of the AI-driven bills California is trying to pass? Well, one calls for strict safety regulations, even going as far as to call for a kill switch. I’m sure you can guess how Silicone Valley reacted to the news. (source: Financial Times)

3.    The Pope becomes the first pontiff to address a G7 summit, raises alarm about AI.

4.    7 must-haves for an effective AI budget.
We’ve hit that point of AI adoption where people are starting to take cost into account. You know how it is when your kids ask if they can get something … over and over until you’re finally like ‘fine, how much is it?’

Ok, maybe not exactly like that. (source: Chief Executive)

5.    There are a lot of coders using AI. And it’s causing some problems.
92% of coders are using AI to do their job. Which probably isn’t a huge surprise. However, the output isn’t as, uh, correct as you’d think.

The AI collaboration is causing a little bit of a mess and potentially more work and/or quality and efficacy issues. It's worth your consideration because I think this challenge will go beyond coding when using AI. So, as with anything else, it’s critical to have a strategy and be sure you understand how and why you’re using the tool. Remember, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. (sources: Visual Studio Magazine; ITPro)

Learn a little

Time to dip back into the wonderful content being shared by Christopher Penn. Here is a quick Power 4 he shared earlier this week: 4 Generative AI Power Questions for Language Models. It’s based on the PARE approach. (Prime, Augment, Refresh, Evaluate)

This is something you can start using right away.

Did you hear about…

…the EU launching an AI ‘twin’ of Earth? (TNW)

…Bill Gates funding the power and energy needed to fuel all the AI? (NPR)

…the Google-backed AI company that is dedicated to healthcare diagnosis? (CNBC)

…Ashton Kutcher had to double down on his AI in Hollywood comments? (Fox)

…there’s an AI candidate running for parliament? (NBC News)

…Anthropic asking that red teaming be standardized? (Fortune)

…’slop’, the new term for AI-generated material? Spam and slop … sounds like a diner special. (The New York Times)

…President Trump discovered AI. And he told Logan Paul it’s beautiful. (The Hill)

And on that note … let’s move on to our next section.

Must read/must discuss:

I talk about The Artificial Intelligence Show a lot. It’s the best podcast out there for staying plugged in. And this week (episode 102) it brought a little truth to the discussion of how we will all be impacted by AI in the future.

Paul and Mike dug into a recent essay from fired OpenAI-researcher Leopold Asschenbrenner. The essay is 165-pages long and talks about the future impact of AI, AGI and super human intelligence.

You can read the ChatGPT summary of his essay here, in this Business Insider article. (I would definitely recommend reading it, for context.)

But you have to listen to Paul and Mike talk about this. It’s a must.

Thanks for reading!


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