AI round-up: Week of Nov. 20, 2023

I was going to take this week off. But with all the news about Sam Altman, OpenAI and Microsoft, I couldn’t help myself.

Here’s the thing…there is a lot of info and guessing out there. But no matter what you read, believe or fear, the reality is something happened. I’m not sure we’ll ever know what, exactly, until it happens in the mainstream and we look back and say, “Oooooh. I get it now.”

To help us understand more about what the hell just happened, this week’s roundup features just one story. It’s a must listen for anyone trying to stay up on the latest in the world of AI:

The Marketing AI Show: Episode 73

Paul Roetzer breaks down everything you need to know about the history of OpenAI, its mission, what may have led to this and eight thoughts on where we go next.


Have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I hope you spend it doing whatever it is you want, with whomever you want. Talk to you next week!

As a reminder, this is a round-up of the biggest stories, often hitting multiple newsletters I receive/review. The sources are many…which I’m happy to read on your behalf. If there’s one in particular you’d like me to track or have questions about a topic you’re not seeing here, let me know.