AI round-up: Week of Nov. 6, 2023

It’s the National Month of Thanks. So, allow me to say…thank you for your interest in this fast-growing newsletter. And your interest in what’s going on in the world of AI…which, if you haven’t noticed, is starting to just become ‘the world.’

Listen, just fair warning that there is a lot…a LOT…in this issue. And I don’t know about you, but I needed a break after researching and reading it all. It is perfectly normal, according to me, to feel overwhelmed by all of this. Things are moving fast. So take a deep breath…and dive in.

This week’s issue: 14 stories.
The AI anxiety meter: High
How long to read: Eh, I’d leave yourself about 20-30 minutes.

  1. Big news: Meet Grok. No, not USAA spokesperson Gronk. GROK. Elon Musk’s GAI chatbot. Introducing Grok
  2. Bigger news: DIY GPTs. Feeling left out? You can build your own GPT now.
  3. A DIY GPT example you’ll want to see. Want to see an example of how this is working? Ethan Mollick designed one to support product and prototype development by pulling those product trends, recommending a product, and then designing prototypes. I don’t know what’s more mind-blowing – the time it took him to build the GPT (less than a minute) or the results.
  4. Biggest news: Our biggest fear. Axios profiles what AI architects fear most in 2024. It’s not great…the answer is unsurprisingly fake video. Which syncs up perfectly with the presidential election. Oh, and the fact that by 2025 90% of online content could be AI-generated!!!
  5. Ironically, Meta is announcing they will label political ads that use GAI imagery. (But who watches the Watchmen?)
  6. You get a bot, you get a bot. PwC invests $1B to provide AI training to every employee and access to a chatbot assistant.
  7. Samsung wins the day. They beat Apple to the punch, launching a GAI model that will be integrated into its devices.
  8. Help me write a prompt. Shelly Palmer goes one better and helps you write many prompts. This is a pretty thorough tutorial. Let’s go ahead and call it this week’s must read.
  9. Generative AI won’t take our jobs. But Google might. Google is introducing a new tool that builds your ads. From copy and image to editing and creating.
  10. We have our first AI/robot CEO. No seriously, we do.
  11. On a related note? It’s been proven that GAI chatbots ‘make stuff up’ anywhere from 3%-27%
  12. Do you have 300 employees (or more)? You can use Copilot. The rest of us…still flying solo.
  13. The ‘what is this now?’ story of the week: Did you happen to see this terrifying story about students at a New Jersey high school using AI to make inappropriate images of their classmates? It would seem that this news from Google Photos’ Magic Editor refusing to make certain alterations is timely and necessary.
  14. The last Beatles song. Of course, AI helped finish it. I wasn’t going to cover this but man it’s everywhere. And then I listened to ‘Now and Then’ and…it’s not bad. But I’m not a Beatles purist. Have you heard it? Do you like it?

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