AI round-up: Week of Oct. 9, 2023

“AI might take over one day if it isn’t developed responsibly.”
-Geoffrey Hinton

If you missed it, Geoffrey Hinton, aka the godfather of AI, was on “60 Minutes” Sunday. When you get past his opening comment, ‘No, people do not know what they’re doing when it comes to AI,’ it’s not all bad.

Just kidding.

Watch the interview here.

The latest:

Mustafa Suleyman talks…we should listen. Here is a 6-minute listen where NPR interviewed him (on 10.11.23) about why AI should be regulated.

The results are in: Google’s Bard for Workspace vs. Microsoft Copilot. Who won?
From the Shelly Palmer Blog

I thought you were bringing the chips: OpenAI is exploring making its own chips. Possibly by acquiring a chip maker.

Take my job. Please! Sales executives are celebrating the fact generative AI is doing a very key part of their job.

Dr. AI will see you now: AI is getting better at empathy + a clinician shortage=opportunity.

Stand together: Artists across industries are strategizing together over AI concerns.

Snap into it: ‘Beefy’ updates are here for Adobe’s AI image generator.

Did AI make this? Check the tag. Adobe created a symbol to tag AI-generated content.

The “what the what?” read of the week:

How AI reduces the world to stereotypes. See what happens when 3,000 images are analyzed and how Midjourney visualizes different countries and cultures.