AI round-up: Week of Sept. 25th

“So much has happened in the past week…let’s just get to it.”



September 26 from TechCrunch: The writer’s strike is over. How did the AI component shake out?

→Still a little murky but it seems that writers will be compensated for any amount of work on a script as well as any bit of training their work provides to generative AI.

September 25 from WSJ (subscription required): ChatGPT can now actually chat with you. In five different voices.

→"You got a friend in me…you gotta a friend in me!”

September 25 from Spotify: Spotify is launching an AI voice translation pilot, which means your favorite podcasters may be heard in your native language.

→What could your business do with this technology?

September 25 from The Verge: Getty made an AI image generator that only trained on its images

September 25 from CNBC: Amazon is investing $4B into Anthropic

September 21 from Microsoft: Copilot is here. (READ!)

The ‘say what, now?’ story of the week:

September 24 from WSJ (subscription required): Meta is coming for your kids! I mean, Meta to push for younger users with new AI chatbot characters.


September 27 from Insider: Sam Altman, median humans and AGI

→If you don’t recognize any of those terms/names, you have to read…

September 25 from Chief Executive: 3 questions every CEO should ask before implementing Gen AI

September 23 from digitaltrends: Microsoft’s Copilot sounds great. Here’s why I definitely won’t use it.

September 1 from Time: How the AI revolution will reshape the world

→Clearly not from the last week but worth including…sorry I missed it!