AI round-up: Week of Sept. 4th

“Don’t wait for the world to get smarter around you.”

-Paul Roetzer


Sept. 6, from The Verge: Apple is spending ‘millions a day’ on AI

Sept. 6, from The BBC: Google will require political ads to disclose the use of AI

Sept. 5, from Mashable: Zoom makes its AI assistant, Companion, free to use

Sept. 4, from Decrypto: OpenAI plugs ChatGPT into Canva

Sept. 1, from Gizmodo: New Facebook setting tells Meta not to use your data for AI

→Follow all that?

Aug. 28, from Tech Crunch: Open AI launches a ChatGPT plan for enterprise customers

→If you’re scoring at home, that’s three enterprise options now (in addition to Duet and Copilot)

The ‘say what, now?’ story of the week:

We have our first ever lawsuit around using AI in hiring.

→Major user error.


Sept. 3, from Shelly Palmer: Are we the unpaid AI workforce?

Aug. 30, from Forrester: (report) AI will shape more jobs than it eliminates

Aug. 29, from Christopher Penn: How will AI impact the B2B buying process?

Aug. 29, from Axios: AI could choke on its exhaust

→Meaning…human-generated content could become the premium. And everything old is new again.


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