'Ben Thinking' for the week of 01.15

Welcome back to 'Ben Thinking'! As we kick off the first quarter of the calendar year, I wanted to share a few things beyond the articles. Here are three Insights I just had to share:

  1. The impact of cybersecurity and AI on crisis communications. The impact of these things alone are enough to dominate any conversation about what’s ahead. But perhaps the simplest step to take when prepping is … what will you say to your audiences? If you’ve been putting this off … please make 2024 the year we address it.
  2. The role of HR in your culture. HR has had its hands full these past few years. But 2024 is the year to point them forward, empower them to lead the culture and truly make your people what set you apart. The latest jobs data is showing quits are down. We have to move quick to reinforce our brands’ commitment to the employee experience and build employee loyalty.
  3. Beyond the product. There is a lot of value to be found in what you do for customers. Notice I didn’t say in what you make. They know that part. What hasn’t been owned enough is the impact your thinking, culture and service have on that relationship. Do you know what your customer journey is like? What experience do they have at different touch points? Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started … but once you do, it’s incredible to see the separation you can create.

I plan to share more of these insights as the year goes on. It’s my belief that communicators and leaders have a real chance to shape the future of their companies in 2024. We’ve been restricted by worry long enough – let’s put it all behind us and get back to the foundational pieces we know work!

Now...on to what else I’ve ‘Ben Thinking’ about:

  1. Who starts the year off with a quiz?! Test your workplace law knowledge (especially good for those of us who have to communicate the specifics of these laws/policies)
  2. Flexibility is the most sought-after work benefit in the world (according to SHRM), but…flexibility doesn’t automatically equal remote.
  3. I missed this. Maybe you did, too: The LinkedIn Future of Work Report. Guess what they think the future consists of? Yep, you guessed it.
  4. Want your teams to make better decisions in 2024? This is the place to start. A new resource I found this year…I have a feeling we’ll see more from it. A PSA: Gamers could face irreversible hearing loss and tinnitus, a new study shows. (Yikes!)
  5. For the pod squad: A bit of optimism, episode 110. Two of my favorite authors in one place: James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, joins Simon Sinek’s ‘A bit of optimism’ podcast. Enjoy!
  6. Ben … speaking. I get to kick-off the PRSA Cleveland’s 2024 event calendar by talking AI and PR with my friend and co-worker, Dillan Kanya. We’re going to dig into four areas where you can expect AI sooner rather than later. Join me for this virtual event on Thursday, February 8, from noon – 1 p.m. (EST).
  7. Need a speaker, facilitator, panelist or moderator? I would be happy to contribute to your next event or planning session. Contact me to talk more.
  8. ICYMI: The new Akhia brand and website are live. I want to make sure you didn’t miss the look back on the brand and why we rebranded now. You can see it all on the new Insights page.

Feel free to share with anyone else you think would enjoy the articles and resources!

Thank you,