'Ben Thinking' for the week of 01.29

It may be a leap year, but we all know the real star of the show is February. The month that actually features the extra day. I always think of that episode of “Modern Family” when I hear leap year – when Cam is so excited to be ‘10’ (instead of 40) because he was born on a leap year.

Speaking of something that doesn’t happen every year, did you see the big news ahead of the Super Bowl? America’s four largest car makers all pass on doing a Super Bowl ad – for the first time in 23 years. (Shared by ‘Ben Thinking’ reader Mark Gunn.)

If I was them, I would’ve put that money into sponsoring a Taylor-cam or something.

On to the rest of the week’s stories:

Big news from Gallup: Only 33% of employees were engaged in 2023.

Companies are very concerned by this number as it translates to nearly $1.9T in lost revenue. The feedback – and ways to overcome this – all tie to…yep, communication. From defining roles to including team members in their career planning, better communications is at the root of better engagement. (Time to support the HR team with some internal communications programming?)

There will be record CEO turnover this year.

According to this article, the job is a tough one.

Your best company video? Short and authentic.

According to a recent survey by Munch, 85% of viewers prefer shorter videos. As in 15 seconds. These shorter videos are outperforming. longer videos with 2.5x the engagement.

9 Trends that will shape work in 2024 – and beyond.

You will need some time with this article. It’s longer but so rich in content. The theme here – as well as in so many other spots – is this is the year the statement ‘we’ve always done it this way’ really does significant damage to the organizations that hide behind it.

The reality is we are facing so much disruption over the next 12 months that if you truly want to be sure you’re thriving in the face of this change, it’s critical to put key programs/initiatives under the microscope. No, you can’t do it all at once…but you can pick your top three.

Finally … America is under attack: Inside the anti-DEI crusade.

Recently, I’ve been asked about the stagnation of DEI programs. It’s a real challenge. This article takes a deeper dive into why…and why so many people feel that way.

For the pod squad: For Immediate Release on The State of Trust in 2024.

In their monthly long-form episode, the FIR team takes a look at the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer. Some major concerns around strategy, innovation and growth that I think could really hold companies back if they aren’t addressed.

Old workshops; new needs:

We’ve talked a lot in this edition about putting your content strategy under the microscope. Easier said than done…if you don’t know where to start. The workshops below are designed to do just that.

31-day content challenge. There is never a bad time to revisit your content strategy. But this is a fun way to do it. Together we will review all the essentials – personas, timing, channel strategy, voice, and SMEs. We’ll identify the gaps, plug them, and have your content strategy (and content) ready for the biggest need(s) and whatever AI throws at us.

Four weeks to a better story. Having trouble separating your message from the competition? Finding that it’s becoming harder to fend off lower-priced alternatives? Let’s take a look at the story you’re telling customers – and, more importantly, how they’re receiving it. Is your story one you want to tell? Or one your customers need to hear?

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