'Ben Thinking' for the week of 04.01

It's a midweek Ben Thinking!

So maybe you’ve heard … there’s an eclipse next Monday? Here in Northeast Ohio, we are in the path of totality, which means we will have total darkness for an estimated 4 minutes and 28 seconds. Or, oddly enough, the length of the Bonnie Tyler classic, ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, which is 4 minutes and 27 seconds.

The universe. It’s weird.

On to ‘Ben Thinking’

Meetings are ineffective 72% of the time.

We made it through the pandemic. Are on video calls. Walking meetings. And guess what…we still can’t shake this problem of too. Many. Meetings.

Media layoffs make it even more challenging for us trained PR pros.

Some really solid PR pitching tips in here. I bet your agency may want to talk to you about a few…

Gen Z is becoming the toolbelt generation. And the manufacturing world is here for it.

Read between the lines of this story and there is much, much more to it than the simple fact Gen Z is heading to the trades. You know how passionate I am about the manufacturing space…do you have thoughts on this read? Let me know. Let’s talk about it. Note: this is from WSJ (subscription).

Three phrases from the happiest country in the world, seven years running.

These are pretty good. And as inspirational as they are, the biggest thing running through my head as I read them was ‘man I really need to use these as Midjourney prompts’.

Some social media updates

“Did the president just block me?”

Not sure. But…he can if he wants to, along with any other public official, thanks to this Supreme Court ruling.

Brands can now promote any organic post on LinkedIn

This is interesting, mainly because it raises the question of who is deeming the post promotable? Well, the brand of course. So it makes you wonder if they may be biased in what they choose to promote? Or if brands should prepare for any blowback if they promote an unpopular person or post? I don’t think this one is as black and white as it seems.

Facebook isn’t getting any younger. Neither are its users.

Your turn will come Snapchat, your turn will come.

This brand is crushing it on social media. And it’s all thanks to its CEO.

This is a great example of the active role leadership should play in its company’s social media and branding efforts.

Manufacturing Close-up: (thank you OMA!)

=Ohio is moving closer to its walkaround rule going into effect. Here are seven steps to prepare.

=3 out of 4 workers: we haven’t been trained for flexible work arrangements.

For the pod squad: Hard Fork

This one is a dandy mainly because it features an interview with Jonathan Haidt, author of The Anxious Generation. The interview doubles as a bit of a debate between the author and the hosts as they pick apart the research and studies that form the basis of his book, which is claiming social media is causing an epidemic of mental illness.

If you want a more in-depth interview with Mr. Haidt – one that is a little less of an attack (from two social media guys) – than you may want to listen to this Prof G episode (from March 28)

Take Five: Trending, wk. of 4.1.24

1. Supply chain fallout from the horrifying Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

2. Apple may be in a bit of trouble.

3. Kids and social media

4. Your broken brackets

5. It’s April! AKA Autism Awareness Month; Diversity Month; Earth Month

As always, thanks for reading and sharing! I truly appreciate it. Have a great week and Happy Eclipse Day!