'Ben Thinking' for the week of 04.22

I was reading a blurb in one of the (many) daily emails from Bloomberg. The final thought was about the state of everything that makes up the zeitgeist of our business environment on any given day. Off the top of the author’s head they came up with 25 things. And I could easily add another 15.

So when we are in a world where our present looks like candy salad, how in the heck are we supposed to think about the future?

One question at a time. Let me know your take on where companies should be investing for future growth. I’ll share the answers in the next edition and have another question.

Go ahead and vote. I'll wait. (It's only one question!)

On to what I’ve ‘ben thinking’ about:

1. How often should you audit your content in 2024?
I’ll answer that question with a question – what type of content are we talking about? This article answers that question for each type of content: Awareness,, Consideration, Conversion, Retention.

2. 6 mistakes leaders make when announcing layoffs.
I really hope you don’t need this article any time soon.

3. Manufacturing in the U.S. could see the need for an additional 4M employees in the next 10 years.
As you saw in the opening, there are so many things trying to distract us from what really matters. And when it comes to our businesses, it’s the people working in and living the brand that matter. If you were to peel everything away and focus on a top three things…employer brand / HR strategy would have to be on that list. There’s no other way around it.

I’d love if people told me ‘shut up, Ben; I’m tired of hearing you talk about this – we’re on it.’ But that’s not the case. There just aren’t enough people paying attention to this.

Want a unique margin of difference? Want to stand out? THIS is what to invest in to create separation.

4. Want more proof the state of search is rapidly changing? Gen Z is searching on YouTube, TikTok instead of Google.
The days of loading up on Google and hoping that it works (key word on hope) are gone. There are too many factors that are getting in the way of your Google strategy…disrupting what is often an airtight plan. The state of search now extends far beyond what you have traditionally held in your purview.

5. Did you see Walmart opened its own production studio?
“To create content at the speed of culture and retail.”

Now that’s fast.

6.    For the pod squad:
“Trust Life” and Stop Trying to Control Everything.

Learn more in this seven-minute meditation episode of Ten Percent Happier.

Take Five: Trending, wk. of 4.15.24

1.    Evan Gershkovich has been in a Russian prison for a year now.

2.    The impact of politics on the rest of your year

3.    Yep. Nope. Yep. Nope. Talking about rate cuts. Sounds like a 3 Body Problem.

4.    What gender pay gap? Caitlin Clark will make $76K in her first season. Nothing to see here!

5.    Taylor Swift double album drop!!!

One more thing:

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