'Ben Thinking' for the week of 11.13

So many ways to open. We could debate when you think it's ok to start playing holiday classics (Dean Martin is playing in my office at the moment). We could celebrate National Pickle Day (apparently it's a big dill). We could have that timeless conversation...'you said there's HOW many days until Christmas?' (I didn't say. But there's 41.)

Or I could keep it simple and just say...there are less than 48 hours left in my Leaders of Impact/American Heart Association fundraising blitz. I hit my goal...but am short on my stretch goal. If you have donated -- thank you again! If you are thinking about it -- that's great! This will (probably) be my last time asking for your support. Just click here. (Yes, all donations made at this link go towards my campaign.)

As always, thanks for reading...here are 9 things I've ben thinking about!

  1. First gen social media users have nowhere to go. It’s not just millennials feeling the pain. This Gen Xer kinda really misses Twitter on some days.
  2. Putting this on your radar: What is the ‘fediverse’? Time to brush up on ‘decentralized social media’. Maybe millennials do have somewhere to go? (subscription needed if you’re out of free articles this month…)
  3. Chances are your employees can’t remember your company values. Well, 62% of them anyway. Buuut….if you’re cool with that you can skip this article.
  4. Confidence in mass media hits 2016 low. Combined with the rise of misinformation from generative AI and there are some bumpy times ahead.
  5. The Great Resignation has given way to the Big Stay. Translation: workers are now quitting their jobs at the same rate as six months prior to the pandemic.
  6. Speaking of workers…I thought this was interesting. As of August 2023, over half (54%) of American employees work mostly onsite, about a quarter work remotely and only 18% have a hybrid schedule. But if employees could choose their work location, that breakdown would be different. Just 39% of employees would prefer onsite work. Most (58%) would opt for more flexibility if given the opportunity. -LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence Index.
  7. For the pod squad: Simon Sinek’s A bit of optimism. Want to feel good about the future? You need to listen to a recent edition of Simon’s podcast. He has educator Elizabeth English on to talk about our future. And you guessed it…she believes the children are the future. This is an amazing listen for any parent.
  8. An AI FAQ. Kinda. Great breakdown from Ethan Mollick.
  9. I have a question about AI. Maybe two. Please take 20 seconds and let me know your thoughts if you’d be up for a live AI demo. Note: If you want more AI updates, sent directly to your inbox, you can sign-up for my weekly AI Round-up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you...for reading. For your interest. For telling people. I love writing this and am so glad to hear it's bringing value. Have a great week!