'Ben Thinking' for wk. of 9.11

Hi everyone!

This is a round-up of some of the stories you may have missed over the past two weeks that affect the marketing and communications industry and the clients and companies we serve. Enjoy and I hope to see you back here in two weeks!

  1. If you missed it, the U.S. is projected to add 250,000 manufacturing jobs in the next two years. That’s big news for a lot of reasons. One is your employer brand and recruiting/retention strategy. Coming out of the pandemic we learned these were worth investing in – seems like we might get a do-over as we prepare for the next wave of open manufacturing jobs.
  2. Breaking news: Hackers are using a network of fake Facebook accounts to target Facebook business accounts. Seems like a good time to revisit your cyber security policy, including insurance, plan and crisis messaging.
  3. What’s keeping CMOs up at night? (Log-in needed for the report, but it’s free)Thank goodness I’m not a CMO. Oh, wait…these are things we all worry about!
  4. Break out of the boring with these 10 types of video. Sometimes we need to be reminded that videos can be fun!
  5. What can we learn from Cartridge World? A lot, apparently. Read how (checks notes) Cartridge World manages to thrive in this business environment!
  6. Want to live longer? Be less stressed? Be happier? You just need to pass these 8 tests. Sounds like an Indiana Jones plot.
  7. Four reasons you need to create a LinkedIn Newsletter. I’m convinced. Watch for a version of ‘ben thinking’ to start appearing on LinkedIn. (and here it is!!!)
  8. This week’s ONE AI story: How are marketers using it? Reminder, if you want more AI stories you have to visit/sign-up for the AI round-up blog.
  9. For the pod squad…The Marketing AI show. Elon Musk, Google Duet, Mustafa Suleyman and more. It’s a good one folks.

Thanks for reading - have a great week!