Communication essentials: leaders + podcasts

The topic of personal branding always gets me excited because it deals with the untapped potential so many of us have.

A major obstacle to a personal brand is just getting started living it. This is especially critical for those of us in leadership positions who need to be connecting with our teams, employees, etc. Why? Well, while employee trust is up across the board, a third of employees still feel like leadership communications are cold, impersonal or lack empathy (as you’ll find in the article I’m highlighting today).

Fortunately, today there are so many ways to live your personal brand … we just need to find the right channel for you.

May I suggest podcasts? Why? Well, one reason, as quoted in the article below, is that “you can’t show empathy over email.”

That is the topic of today’s “communication essential” read:
Business leaders turn to internal podcasts to stay connected with workforces.

There are a lot of strong stats in here that should inspire you to at least try this medium and find out if it’s the right channel to connect. But the biggest takeaway for me is just how well your personal brand—the things you really want people to know you care about—can shine through by tapping into the potential podcasts have to offer.

And speaking of podcasts, I’m going to be loading up my queue with ones I’m overdue in listening to (including The Rewatchables: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) as I’m headed out on vacation. The “communication essential” blog will return on July 8. See you then!