Communication essentials: bruises

Sometimes life hits you in weird ways at weird times.

I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl the other night. In doing so, I saw a bruise on it. Commenting on it my daughter said, “Don’t eat that; it has a bruise…I noticed it the other day.”

Okaaay. Why not cut the bruise out and eat it then? But, you know…kids.

So I started cutting the bruise. To reveal more bruising inside. I cut more. I saw more. Until one half of the apple was almost gone. Waiting caused more of the apple to go bad.

Just because Mental Health Awareness Month is coming to an end doesn’t mean that we should stop thinking about it. One way to practice “mental as dental” is to truly evaluate and care for yourself every day. That means looking for the bruises left behind by stress or emotions that you are choosing to ignore.

Any bruises at work…or in your life…that you’re ignoring?