Communication essentials: digital precedes reality

“Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

You Gen Xers and TV kids know what I’m talking about. The classic Head & Shoulders commercial, of course. The one where anti-dandruff shampoo helps you impress and make friends. Unfortunately it’s a little harder to impress in a digital environment. Which is at the center of this Forbes article—which we’ll make today’s “communication essential.”

“Three ways to create a captivating digital impression.”

This headline really grabbed my attention because I’ve never really thought of the shift that has been made in the past year to “impress” people on a screen. And I don’t just mean in a virtual environment. You also have your online brand and social persona to think about as so many people are going (and have been going) to Google and LinkedIn to form their own first impressions. Before they even lay eyes on you.

Scary thought. So if you have time, I recommend checking out this read and being honest with yourself on what people are finding out about you before that first meeting. Your name is a brand … and today, your brand is your currency.