Communication essentials - Jose Ramirez

I’m a Cleveland Guardians fan and things have been pretty exciting for us lately. Our team, which was written off before the season started, is currently playing the New York Yankees in the Division Round of the American League playoffs.

At the heart of this team is Jose Ramirez. Our perennial all-star and MVP candidate; Super Mario Kart champ; basically the coolest guy around.

And today he gives me an opportunity to combine a few things I love. Because today’s ‘communication essential’ is Jose Ramirez. Or more specifically, how to connect like Jose Ramirez.

No, I’m not talking about connecting on a fastball to yank a home run down the left field line. I’m talking about connecting with people -- more importantly, connecting with your team.

Recently on The Athletic, the Guardians incredible beat reporter, Zack Meisel, wrote a piece on Jose. In it he talked about how the all-star made a point to find ways to connect with everyone on his team and in the clubhouse. People close to his locker. Across the locker room. Any time, all the time. He did little things to find a way to connect, daily.

One of my favorite examples is a simple tactic he put in place to talk with the recently called up rookie, Will Benson. He would simply ask him, every day, what time the game started.

Funny. Meaningful. Personal. Connecting.

Here in our world – the real world – we are in a people business. We shouldn’t need any motivation to connect with people. But sometimes we slip, lose sight of what we love so much in this business (the relationships) and it seems hard.

So today…learn from Jose. This doesn’t have to be hard. It’s just a nod. A gesture, to let people know you’re thinking of them. That you value your connection with them.

Go Guardians!