Communication essentials: mid-year’s resolution

New Year’s Resolutions. They get all the attention.

But waiting 12 months to stop or start doing something seems like a long time. Plus, I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit in the first half of the year.

Why not go ahead and try some mid-year’s resolutions? Revisit the ones you made at the start of the year. Try some new ones. Hey, worst-case scenario you only have six more months to go until you can reset again!

Here are mine if you need some motivation. I used the akhia values as a starting point for each:

Think like an owner. Write one blog a month describing what that actually means.

Keep being different. Find new ways to spotlight the organizations spreading positivity and awareness (and raising funds) for persecuted communities.

Client obsessed. I was stopped in my tracks by a strong quote this morning: “The best reason to give good service is it makes you feel better.” I always used to think that it was to make the client feel better. But just like good mental hygiene, you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself.

You better love what you do and why you do it…that’s the only way you can fully demonstrate great service. Clients will notice.

Work for balance. At the start of the year I used Atomic Habits as my launching pad to read more. Find time to read three pages a day (min), up to a chapter (max) of a book for leisure…and business. So no matter what, I was only committing to six pages a day.

Now I’m going to try the same with writing. I write a lot…for this blog, ‘ben thinking’ and in the day to day. But rarely do I write for leisure anymore. Time to put this resolution thing – and Atomic Habits – to the test!

See. Not so hard.

Try it! Let me know what you come up with.