Communication essentials: You work from home? SAD!

I really like Malcolm Gladwell.

I don’t like what he recently said about working from home.“It’s not in your best interest to work at home.”
“What have you reduced your life to?”
“What’s the point?”

These are just a few of the comments he made on the podcast ‘Diary of a CEO’.

A lot of people are upset with Gladwell for saying these things.

I’m more surprised that he made them more than anything. He’s someone who has always advocated for personal preferences and approaches to each unique situation. Given his own working style and his audience, this caught me off guard.

But I can’t be mad at Gladwell. I just can’t be. I enjoy everything else he’s said over the years to be upset. Plus, who cares? That’s his take.

I’m actually grateful for the comments. It made me stop and reflect.

What have I reduced my life to?

I don’t know! I’ve been so busy learning to work from anywhere, manage a business that is doing the same, helping companies with employees who are working from all over, and doing my best to help my family navigate school and work from home.

All while, you know, trying to work on mindfulness and mental health.

What have I reduced my life to?

Working from anywhere has allowed me the chance to have meaningful connections and conversations with so many of my co-workers. Learn more about our clients and build strong connections in our industry. It’s allowed me to explore personal growth opportunities that positively impact my company.

What have I reduced my life to?

I’m around when my kids leave for school, come home from school or get sick at school. I got to take my oldest daughter to her driving test. I was able to play hooky with my kids and go to Cedar Point. I met my wife for lunch. I grocery shopped at 10 a.m. I volunteered in a classroom and helped out with some community needs. I took road trips to visit co-workers in other locations. Four locations. Two states. Four great meals. Lots of laughs.

What have I reduced my life to?

Now, I do have that annoying commute now, where I leave my bedroom, go to my living room and meditate to start the day. My annoying co-workers (aka my cats) do require a lot of attention. And sometimes the cafeteria is surprisingly out of snacks because people forget to put them on the list. Oh, and I do hate saving money and eating better by being able to meal plan.

What have I reduced my life to?

A pretty good one I guess.

Thanks for posing the question, Malcolm!