Communications that drive business

Building relationships to go the distance

As we continue our blog series reflecting on akhia’s 27 years, Executive Vice President April Wonsick offers her perspective on how our tagline, Communications That Drive Business, helps accelerate more than business growth. 

Patsie Dionise shared in a recent blog post the many reasons to “heart” akhia. Whether it’s friendly competitions, pop culture conversations or creative collaborations, at the “heart” of what makes akhia special has always been relationships—genuine, strong, nurturing connections with colleagues. Those connections extend to strong relationships with clients, vendors and partners too. We don’t take the relationships we have for granted, so much so we’ve made it our agency vision: to build indestructible relationships. These connections aren’t just feel-good aspects of our business. They’re the very pulse of it.

There’s no greater proof than looking at the longevity of our client-agency relationships. While the industry average hovers around three years, our average relationship is 11 years. We’ve had 20 client contacts take us with them to their next company—and three of those client contacts have brought us in at their next two companies. So what’s our secret sauce? It’s simple: We prioritize our clients’ needs and goals, and we do so sincerely. We are client obsessed. Period.

In 2018 we moved away from “I Heart Akhia” and embraced a new tagline that would nod to the “why” behind the strength of our client-agency relationships. “Communications That Drive Business” became our rallying cry—more than reinforcing how communications help clients boost business, it is also a reflection of how we use communication to build true partnerships with our clients along the way.

Here are just a few examples of how this relationship-first mentality comes to life every day:

Understanding and Alignment:

Imagine this: You’re at your go-to Starbucks and the barista knows exactly how you like your coffee. That’s us with our clients. We immerse ourselves in their business so we can be a seamless extension of their team. We’re in tune with our clients’ goals, we listen, we can anticipate their needs and many times know what they’re thinking without saying a word. Plus, we often know how they take their coffee too.

Trust Through Transparency:

We believe that honesty and clarity build trust, a foundation for any lasting relationship. Our clients know that we are not only their service providers, but their strategic partners, committed to their success. Through the highs and lows that come with any business, they know we have their best interests in mind and trust we’ll tell it to them straight.

Winning Together:

Each successful campaign, well-executed project and earned media placement are proof of what we can achieve together through a collaborative partnership. More than metrics and numbers, we take pride in seeing our clients shine. Their wins are our wins too, and we truly appreciate being a small part, cheering them on from the sidelines and helping them succeed.

A regularly quoted saying from our founder, Jan Gusich, is “take care of the client and the rest will take care of itself.” That care for client relationships holds true today 27 years later. We’ve grown alongside our clients, celebrated personal and professional milestones, and been there to counsel them through good and challenging times.

Communications That Drive Business has been a promise to build relationships that go the distance. As communications continue to evolve, our focus remains on looking ahead, ensuring that we, and our clients, are a step ahead. I’m excited for what’s next as we navigate continued success together.