‘akhia go’ gives clients efficient option for creative services

HUDSON, Ohio—September 27, 2018 – When it comes to quick-turn, templated creative design projects, organizations don’t have to make a choice between efficiency and quality. akhia communications, a Northeast Ohio communications agency focused on helping companies overcome business challenges through communications, recently introduced a new approach called ‘akhia go’ that combines the economic benefits of working with a freelancer with the quality control measures of working with a full-service agency.
“In today’s fast-paced world of communications, there is no one-size-fits-all approach,” said Nick Pfahler, creative director for akhia. “While many clients engage us for strategic planning and counsel, others just need extra hands to get the job done. That’s where akhia go comes in – for fast-track, production-ready work that requires both speed and quality.”
akhia go was designed to provide clients an efficient option for templated materials, including resizes, image swapping, copy adjustments and proofreading. With a focus on speed and quality, the agency has developed specific internal processes for akhia go to make life easier for clients.
“Clients not only benefit from the efficiencies of our go approach, but they also gain the peace of mind of working with an agency that understands their business goals and can act quickly to get the job done right,” Pfahler said. “It’s all part of our overarching goal to match the needs of all areas of an organization and meeting our clients wherever they are to make the greatest impact.”
The announcement of akhia go comes on the heels of the agency announcing its akhia inside approach to addressing the staffing crisis by placing one of the agency’s employees at the client’s office to help with communications strategies and day-to-day tasks during critical times. Additionally, akhia think and akhia create round out the agency’s approach options, offering clients both high-level communications strategy and execution in specialty areas that include strategic communications, branding, public relations, digital, corporate communications, creative and content marketing.
For more on how akhia is helping clients – from marketing and HR functions to sales and IT – turn business challenges into communications opportunities, visit akhia.com.
about akhia communications
Founded in 1996, akhia communications is an integrated communications firm that distinguishes itself by focusing on a company’s business objectives and providing strategic solutions, including marketing, sales lead generation, public relations, social media and reputation management. akhia is located in Hudson, Ohio. The organization was founded on a philosophy of message integrity and best-in-class account service. Today, that philosophy remains in the form of the agency’s dedication to strategic execution for its clients spanning a wide range of industries in the business-to-business, service and consumer sectors.