Ben Thinking: Gen Z is Here

Mentorship. It reminds me of culture in a lot of ways. Everyone wants it. Not everyone is willing to put the work in to make it a reality. 
But like culture, mentorship is something that can set your company apart, if done properly. You’ll never learn everything you need to know from an article, but this one is a good place to start.
1. Why female mentorship in the workplace is more important than ever.
2. Read of the week: Move over millennials. It’s Gen Z’s turn to kill industries. 
3. 10 tips to make your marketing case studies close deals.(Fun side note on #3: we did this internally through a contest.) 
4. How to get content marketing wrong? Think like a PR person. (I really wanted to disagree with this article…but after reading it five times I agree…and disagree with it.)
5. And the coolest marketing promotion of the week goes to…the Cleveland Browns. 
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So, how many of you got up and took cold showers??
Think about it: We have officially launched 'akhia inside’!
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