Ben Thinking: GoT; Deep Fake; ABM risks; Power colors

Let’s get right to it…we all know what’s coming…WINTER IS COMING!!!!

Game of Thrones is back. And these brands are vying for the Iron Throne.
Product tie-ins are always fun…but these brands are going all out to celebrate the show.
The media relations mix-tape.
Hey, there’s a playlist for everything else…why not media relations?
What is “deep fake” voice technology? And why is it so controversial?
You said what??? Talk about a PR crisis waiting to happen.
10 ABM risks every marketer needs to avoid.
Number four is key. Trust is critical in ANY communications strategy.
What the color of your clothes say about you at work.
And why you shouldn’t wear white to a performance review.
Three videos making the rounds this week…
In case you haven’t had a chance to watch these ‘must watch’ videos:
The underdogs – Apple’s great new ad about a round pizza box (and yes, they do own the patent)
This 3’s for you – Budweiser’s tearjerking ad about Dwyane Wade and his jersey swaps
The Lion King trailer is here!!!!
Wrapping up:
ICYMI…last week’s most read article
Web design trends of 2019 (infographic)
Think about it…100 years of experience in one room
Are you taking advantage of all the generational perspectives today’s workplace offers?