Ben Thinking: Too Many Emails?

I’m back! And…it’s August! Wow that happened fast. I just read this article on back to school shopping (did you know the average household spend on back to school supplies is $680?) and I actually saw Halloween candy at the grocery store yesterday. Can we all just pump the brakes a bit? Summer’s. Not. Over.
You know what is over? The first season of HBO’s ‘Succession'. And I don’t think it’s too early to say it’s one of the best shows HBO has ever done. ‘Succession' is my new obsession. My other new obsession is trying to manage my email. Being on vacation made me realize I need to do something about it. The study that shows we spend roughly half our day in our inbox might be true. Yikes.
So what to do about it? 
1. Operation: inbox zero. And yes, I know this is an email…about zero emails. 
2. Read of the week: What comedians can teach us about public speaking. 
3. Eight things to do before 8 a.m. Warning: these sound kind of hard.
4. The top five KPIs online marketers should be tracking. 
5. Procurement’s biggest concern is no longer ‘cost cutting’.
Think about it: Crisis readiness comes down to one thing, truly – how prepared do you feel you are?