Ben Thinking: Viral Vans; Attention spans are dead; Kidfluencers

Some not-so-random thoughts that are catching my attention this week.
Workplace trends: Younger managers are changing the way organizations work and think.
Baby boomers are retiring…and in their place companies are hiring millennial managers who are taking a new approach to work, specifically leveraging those trends we’ve been hearing so much about: blockchain, remote working and the gig economy.
Going viral: Why are people throwing their Vans shoes in the air??
I have six pairs of Vans…and I’m going to try this with every. Single. Pair. Apparently, like a cat, they land on their ‘feet’.
Vans is having fun with this on Twitter, replying to videos and ‘scoring’ them on a scale of 1 – 5 waffles…
You never know when your brand might go viral overnight!
Tech: Can I have your attention, please? The attention economy, is dead.
Welp, it finally happened. We are out of attention span. Yep, there apparently is a limit to how much we can pay attention to. So how what? Well, the answer to how brands can stay relevant and vie for our attention might be found within Fortnite.
Infographic: ‘Learn more…’ and 18 other words and phrases to generate more engagement on your social channels.
Regardless of the call to action, it all starts with what you’re trying to do on your social channel.
Something to watch: Kidfluencers and their impact on social media marketing.
Remember when you were a kid and you saw that cool commercial for the toy you had to have? Well today kids are being marketed to much differently. They’re called kidfluencers and they have some very lucrative deals with retailers and manufacturers to push products on your kids in YouTube videos.
This piece in the New York Times asks…should they be?
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If you donate this week you’ll be entered in a drawing for two tickets to the Cavs / Raptors game on Monday, March 11, which include seats on the Raptors bench during pre-game warm-ups. This is a very cool experience as you are up close and personal with all of the players, coaches and media.
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