Let's Think About the Buyer Journey

Generating leads is a common task marketing and sales teams are faced with, but with the changing media landscape, what is the best way to connect with prospects? B2B prospecting used to begin with cold calls, but catching someone on a landline at work is increasingly unlikely. More unlikely is reaching them on their cell phone or through a one-time email. These days, B2B buyers are researching your product or service online, and typically are 57% of the way to a buying decision before actively engaging with sales. (CEB Global) Content marketing is taking the place of the hard sell.

Knowing how to talk to prospects, what channels are best to reach them and how you should position your brand during each stage of the buyer journey is critical to the success of your lead generation. Pushing prospects too hard, too soon could turn them off to your brand and be costly. We’ve developed this infographic to help guide brands through the different stages of the buyer journey to consider and follow for lead generation.

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