Your Largest Employee Segment is About to Become Your Largest Customer Base

The healthcare industry has a serious staffing problem... which means it has many other problems, too.

We need more doctors and nurses. By 2025, we may be 90,000 physicians short of meeting the industry’s needs.

Retention is a real issue. The healthcare industry has the second highest turnover rate at 20.5 percent.

M&A activity creates staffing chaos. Mergers and acquisitions of health systems were at a record high in 2017, so it’s a reality we must accept.

Then there’s the problem of the aging workforce. Roughly 24 percent of healthcare organizations’ employees are aged 55 or older, and many of these Baby Boomers will retire soon. By some estimates, 10,000 Baby Boomers are already retiring every day. This shift will create an employment void while simultaneously driving even greater demand for healthcare services… not to mention a significant knowledge gap if new generations of healthcare workers aren’t brought up to speed quickly.  

But that next generation isn’t in place yet. You have to find qualified Millennials and Gen Xers that haven’t already signed on with a competitor, and then you have to convince them to work for your organization. If your culture doesn’t embrace values like flexible schedules, growth opportunities and positivity, doing so won’t be easy. 

These pressures aren’t going away, and they can’t be ignored. But you can do something about it.

Embrace communications that drive business.
The healthcare systems that thrive in the next decade will be those attracting (and retaining) the best talent from a small pool, something that’s going to require a few paradigm shifts. 

The solution to bridging the employment gap isn’t simply about hiring more recruiters and outspending your competitors. It’s about using communication tools strategically to create more understanding, more connections and more action with key audience members. In this case, that means communicating more effectively to drive recruitment and retention of talented, engaged employees.

That’s where akhia communications can help. We’re experts in crafting communications that drive business, especially when we deeply understand the challenges our clients are facing—like those of the healthcare industry. 

We can help you:
Better leverage your culture. By cultivating a culture of encouragement, alignment and flexibility, you create and maintain a positive environment where top talent wants to work. Then, by developing a plan to communicate the importance of that culture, current and potential employees see its importance—and their importance, too. 

Connect effectively with Millennials. Millennials are now the biggest segment of the workforce, and they’re looking for different challenges and opportunities more than any other generation. Learn to “get” them, get them in the door, and get them up to speed quickly with the right customized communications approach.

Communicate with care. Build external recruitment campaigns that will resonate with your target audiences. Carefully tailor internal communications programs to the needs and nuances of your organization. And never underestimate the power of measured messaging to drive positive change.

Don’t go at it alone.
The imminent shift of Baby Boomers from experienced employees to a substantial customer segment will undoubtedly compound the staffing challenges the healthcare industry is already facing. With the right communications tools and strategy behind you, however, you may be surprised at just how well you weather the storm.

Make your culture work for you. Contact me and we’ll find a communication-driven solution that’s right for your organization.